Amy Carpenter Leugs

Author, Dreamer, Unschooler

In Lilliana Grows it GreenLilliana, a special young girl with some disabilities and a lot of assets, learns a little more about the world around her while finding joy, solace, and inclusion in gardening. The second book from UCOM's Open Door Press to be written and illustrated by the team of Amy Carpenter Leugs and Heather Newman, Lilliana features more of the beautiful illustrations and tender story telling that made French Toast for Maleek so powerful. Spanish language translations by Ale Siekmeier.

A touching and poignant story of hunger as told through the eyes of a young child, French Toast for Maleek is the first publication of UCOM's very own Open Door Press. Written by Grand Rapids author Amy Carpenter Leugs, the book follows a day in the life of Maleek as he wakes up to discover there is no food in the house. With Spanish language translations by Ale and Ben Siekmeier and beautiful illustrations by artist Heather Newman, French Toast for Maleek makes for a powerful tale for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Coming soon ...

A Job for Hope, published by  UCOM Open Door Press.  Illustrations by Heather Newman.  Hope loves to play spy and catch the bad guy.  Now that her father is out of jail, is he a good guy or a bad guy?  Look for this book in the Fall of 2015.