Ames Carpenter* (they/them) is an openly trans non-binary poet and the author the 2017 chapbook, The One Inside an Onion, published by the Friends of Poetry, Kalamazoo.  Their winning poem for the 2015 Dyer Ives Poetry Competition, called, "Cat and Bird: Contrapuntal for a Grieving Mother,"  is featured in the 2015 issue of the literary journal, Voices.  Their poems "Tucking Pants into Socks" and "constellations" were featured in The 3288 Review.

Several of Ames' poems and reflective essays have appeared in the online magazine catapult, including: “Setting the Feet on the Pathway,” about educational diversity; “In Search of Mishigami,” a memoir about Lake Michigan and alcoholism; and “Counterpoint,” a poem about music and marriage. 

Ames is the author of two children's books: French Toast for Maleek (2012) and Lilliana Grows It Green (2013), both published by UCOM Open Door Press.  Their essay “A Case for Alchemy,” appeared in the Winter 2013 issue of Parabola magazine. 

 A former English teacher, Ames is now a community organizer weaponizing their privilege and working under the leadership of Black and Brown freedom fighters. Ames is also a longtime unschooler accompanying their children and children in the community on the path of life learning.

 Ames lives on Anishinaabe land tended by the Grand River Band of Ottawa in so-called Grand Rapids, MI with their partner and family, including the wildlife of Plaster Creek.

*All work previous to July 2021 was published under the name Amy Carpenter Leugs.